Francis Ford Coppola | The Grower's Series

    THC 20% | CBD 0%


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    The first Coppola cannabis product on the market, available for delivery from Chill. THE GROWER’S SERIES, by Francis Ford Coppola, is a limited edition collection of 3 different cannabis flowers strains. Package is a lightweight wine-bottle shaped tin storage container that includes (all in included black and white drawstring bag): 1. 3 one gram bags of the 3 different flower strains 2. Package of rolling papers 3. Black glass pipe 4. Matches 5. Wine-bottle shaped tin storage container This limited edition is a collaboration with Humboldt Brothers to cultivate the highest quality cannabis in the environment that mother nature intended – in the sun. Like all agricultural products, terroir matters and different strains thrive in different conditions. For this reason, our Coppola canopies sit on different sustainable farms in Humboldt County. Sungrown & Pesticide Free. Sour Diesel - Creative & Energetic A sativa-dominant experience with uplifted cerebral effects. Tangie - Carefree & Mellow A truly hybrid journey with a happy start that mellows into relaxation. Blue Zkittlez - Relaxed & Euphoric An indica-dominant journey that relaxes the body and mind.

    3 - GRAMS

    License Number: CDPH-T00000782

    How high will you get?
    A little high